How we can help you
New techniques to strengthen your business structure
Individual analysis and reporting system
Full transfer of your golf operations data, displayed in a simple and comparable format
Daily audit using our exclusive GOLFPUP system
Around-the-clock monitoring of bookings and cancellations, with timely alerts about situations that should be addressed
Strategic Revenue Management Planning
By regularly monitoring the type of customers, the efficiency of the sales channels, the suitability of the products offered, and the steps to achieve maximum profitability
Experienced consulting in the most sensitive areas of your operations
Education and training sessions for each department at the club. Quality and operational efficiency reviews in every area
Our field of expertise
We uncover the fundamentals that bring profitability to your golf course:

Product variety, customer typology, sales channels, time factor, market and competitors, forecasting, and dynamic pricing.
Revenue Management is the analysis tool that helps management implement the right decisions, armed with full knowledge of the environment.
The golf industry, growing stagnant for several years, needs to react to avoid common mistakes. More so when customers’ knowledge grows relentlessly, as they travel around the world and share their experiences online.

Few Steps To Achieve Huge Outcomes
Data gathering and worksheet elaboration
12-month Forecast Development
Profitability monitoring, and proposals for change
GreenFee Revenue´s experience, with the help of BedsRevenue, the consulting firm specialized in hotel management, stands out by in the uniqueness with which we approach each project.

In order to develop loyal customers and raving fans markets demand companies to stand over the competition and find the way to provide maximum satisfaction.

Take advantage of our experience. Take advantage of GreenFee Revenue.

Leadership Team
23 years of combined experience Managing Revenue and Golf Facilities
Daniel Asís
Executive Director
Chema Herrero
Co-Founder (CEO)
399 €
single payment

  • Analysis of the commercial strategy of the company
  • Preliminary data transfer
  • 12 month Forecast
  • Sales channels analysis
  • Product segmentation breakdown
  • Customer typology

299 €

  • PAR
  • Strategic plan with detailed objectives for each client, each product, and each sales channel
  • Daily monitoring reports
  • Analysis of your competition
  • Suggestions for dynamic price changes
  • Annual Revenue Management course for the club’s staff

499 €

  • Review of other business areas (Pro-shop, Driving range, Academy…)
  • Annual Customer Service Training Programme
  • Annual Sales Training Programme
  • Annual Mystery Shopper Report, with recommendations to improve the facilities and club operations

*Travel and lodging expenses will be charged separately.